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After all the labours to get your business off the ground, your company might need capital for expansion in order to seize all the opportunities that beckon across the horizon. It may be that you have come to appreciate the many benefits a thoughtfully-chosen strategic investor could bring, from strong balance sheets to synergies with other companies in their portfolio all the way to commercial nous and extensive networks with deep contacts. Perhaps your board is considering a restructuring as the appropriate response to economic realities or perhaps it could be passing on an opportunity you feel is ripe for a management buyout. It could be that it is time to exit the company you built over the years in order to move onto other pursuits you have been holding off on, so you are on the lookout of credible acquirers.


Throughout the evolutionary trajectory of your company or your business thinking, your private corporate advisory team will take the time to understand your needs, provide you with timely advice, and devise appropriate solutions.



Attracting consistent deal flow is as crucial to the success of investment managers in family offices as it is to fund managers with institutional investors. While there are many ways to develop a deal-flow process, they all start with setting the parameters for the deal kinds and sizes you are looking for. This is more readily achieved when there is a comprehensive mandate from limited partners, but is something more fluid of a development with private investors. Walking through the thought process with you will help us define the deals you would like introduced to you as much as to separate deals which you are unlikely to have any appetite for. Many investors are comfortable with being in the public eye, while just as many value their privacy and opt to keep away from visibly be sourcing deals in the public domain. Qualified deals that have not been presented to every other investor already are of equal importance to both. On the very least, they avoid investment committee meetings from getting mired in unsorted pitches.


Once we understand your investment preferences, your dedicated deal origination partner could step in to provide you with a curated deal flow.

If you want to go fast, go alone.
If you want to go far, go with others

African proverb


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Sebastian Chatov

LLB, LLM (Corp. Law)

Founder & Chief Executive


Sebastian read law at the University of the Witwatersrand before entering the mining sector in 2009, where he held various executive posts. As company secretary and chairman, director and acting CEO, he has worked on raising capital, stock exchange listings, and M&A transactions involving companies and projects from Africa, Europe, Central Asia, and the Far East. He founded Appanagium in 2018.

Alet Verster

B Sc (Arch) B Arch (Hons) M Arch (Prof) MBA (cum laude)

Non-executive Director


After graduating from the University of Pretoria as an architect in 2006, Alet worked at award-winning practices in London and Johannesburg designing commercial and high-end residential properties in the UK, SA, Russia, and the Seychelles. Her experience in project management and property development is augmented by an MBA from the
Gordon Institute of Business Science and the Rotterdam School of Management.

Pieter Du Preez

B Com (Acc) Hons (Econ) Chartered Financial Analyst®

Chief Investment Officer


A graduate of the University of Johannesburg and a CFA charter holder, Pieter spent over two decades in the financial markets, working on capital raising, feasibility assessments, deal origination, valuations, and strategic analysis, giving him in-depth expertise in M&A, transaction structuring, and matching of funder mandates with business investment opportunities in the private and public companies.


Jean-Claude Cabanac

Senior Advisor


Mr Cabanac has over three decades of experience in business, including the mining supplies, property, and agribusiness sectors, as well as an extensive network of business contacts internationally.

Dominic Parker

BCom (Accounting), PG Dip (Management Accounting)

Investment Analyst


After completing his accounting degree at Nelson Mandela University in 2019, Dominic obtained postgraduate qualifications in management accounting from the University of South Africa and spent a year with an accounting firm. He joined the team in 2021..





From East to West, different societies and cultures have encountered a strikingly similar observation – be it from rice paddy to rice paddy, shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves or wooden clogs to wooden clogs, wealth rarely survives the third generation. In practice, it does so only one-tenth of the time and the reasons for this are manifold. Perhaps heirs were shielded from the management details of the family fortune and then find themselves overwhelmed when they inherit. Even with a sound background, the complex structures using trusts, companies, and foundations, often in different countries, could present a challenge. Unresolved familial disputes and expensive litigation could deplete the estate, as could the numbers of heirs each generation adds. Successors might not show the same interest in managing the business or not share the same motivation that made it a success.


Significant wealth brings unique opportunities, challenges, and responsibilities you can count us to recognise and your wealth management team is there to design bespoke wealth and investment strategies to help you achieve your objectives and to serve your desired legacy. This could even start with helping you work out what those objectives and that legacy might be.



There are many reasons families move from managing affairs through personnel embedded in the family business to a dedicated family office, either for the family alone or by combining forces with other trusted families who share similar values. Some like the separation of family and business and enjoy the increased privacy this brings. Many are honest enough with themselves to acknowledge that being seasoned in business does not automatically translate into being an experienced investor. Centralising the many and varied family interests in business, alternative investments, lifestyle and education, philanthropy and luxury can spur improved governance when the portfolio of assets and information for all family members are dealt with on a holistic basis under a single entity. Long after the family business is sold, the private office can remain a focal point for family members, strengthening bonds and common identity while dealing with matters that often transcend money management.


One school of thought holds it that family offices are as unique as each family behind them and this is why there is no rulebook for them. Arguably, certain approaches also work better than others.



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